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Useful Mouse Baiting Tips

Mar. 26, 2018


Useful Mouse Baiting Tips

Successful baiting for mice is to distribute many rodent bait containing a small amount of bait, rather than a large amount of bait in fewer locations.


Generally, the newest bait blocks have proven to have extremely high bait acceptance with mice. They a single feed bait and mold resistant.


If there is a source of food (other than the mouse bait), regardless of the quality of the bait, the mouse may never touch the mouse bait. If you have two bait placements placed 20 feet apart, the mice may never visit the bait, if there is a competing food source. Place the mouse bait shorter distances from each other.


You must place bait close to the walls, if the bait is placed several inches off the wall, the mice might skip it.

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