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Info about House Mouse

Mar. 19, 2018


Info about House Mouse

The House Mouse is one of the most common mouse species we can find across the globe. A fully grown adult mouse can weigh in at 25-30g. It has grey/brown fur and is light grey underneath.

House Mice can be found in a wide variety of urban habitats such any buildings such as houses, commercial buildings and in rural areas they will often occupy farm buildings. They don’t usually dig burrows but make nests using materials such as paper and build them in small cracks or crevices or beneath floorboards. The House Mouse is very dependent on humans for survival for both shelter from cold and as well as providing a food source. Cold is a major reason for their demise so they seek the relative warmth of a building.


House Mice like to eat foods such as cereals and they will eat whatever is available even non-food items such as soap. House Mice are very active nocturnal eaters. They eat in very small quantities and will return multiple times to the food source. They can survive long period without water if the food source contains a high water content such as fruit.


House Mice can breed throughout the year once there is an available food source and they can have up to 10 liters per year. For rural populations the breeding season generally runs from spring to autumn.

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