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Mechanical Methods for Fly Control

Mar. 12, 2018


Mechanical Methods for Fly Control

The Mechanical control methods involve anything non-chemical in nature but kills or captures the flies.

Here some most common methods as follows:


Fly swatters can kill small numbers of flies, but be careful to not swat flies near food areas, so flying body parts won’t scatter into the food.

Trap flies with sticky fly papers or ribbons that include an odor attractant. (Many are white because house flies are attracted to white surfaces.)

You can bait flies traps with molasses, sugar, fruit or meat. Pre-baited traps often use fly pheromones (sex attractants).


Ultraviolet light traps can be useful, but must be properly placed:

- where it cannot be seen from outside, so it doesn't attract flies indoors;

- no more than 1.5 meters above the floor – where most flies fly;

- away from competing light sources (including sunlight) and food preparation areas;

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