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Bird Spikes as Humane Deterrent

Mar. 09, 2018


Bird Spikes as Humane Deterrent

Bird spikes have been used by the professional pest controllers to keep birds from roosting around certain locations on buildings. Birds, specifically seagulls and pigeons will perch or make nests in locations on buildings, like window sills, ledges, beams, roof tops, chimney pots, ridge tiles and in gutters etc. These places are perfect for birds, however, bird may cause unsightly messes and damages to the residential conditions.

Bird spike can offer a humane and long term solution. After the proper installation, bird spikes can act as a bird deterrent causing discomfort on birds. Therefore the birds will relocate to other places sound and safe. The bird spikes is made of polycarbonate base and SS304 pins. Under average use intensity, the service life can be decades.

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