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How Do House Flies Transmit Diseases

Mar. 08, 2018


How Do House Flies Transmit Diseases

Generally, flies spread diseases in one of two ways: feces/vomit:

The most common method of disease transmission is through fly feces and vomit. When flies come into direct contact with surfaces like food or kitchen counters, they excrete bodily fluids and leave behind pathogens.


Humans who eat contaminated food or food that’s been prepared on a contaminated surface are then susceptible to disease.


Bites: The second way is through bite. Fly bites break skin and transfer pathogens into the blood stream.


Flies Prevention & Control

Individuals reduce the likelihood of contracting diseases from flies by employing methods of habitat modification and deterring the pests from infesting homes.


Use electric fans

Use fly traps

Place screens over doors and windows

If prevention fails, homeowners should contact professional pest controllers to quickly and safely eradicate fly infestations.

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