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Pets and Rodent Control

Feb. 08, 2018


Pets and Rodent Control

In pest control, a majority of the methods and materials against rodent can affect pets as well. Almost all rodent baits are toxic to dogs and cats, so all pest controllers have to be cautious with these products.


Because anticoagulants are cumulative, as a result, dead rats can contain several types of toxicant, and secondary poisoning of pets and wildlife is possible if they eat rats within a short period.


Animals may eat the bait directly or a combination of direct bait consumption and secondary poisoning. In this case, extra caution is urgently needed, since even a single dead rodent might be enough to poison a pet.


The best precaution is to keep pets away from toxic bait and dead rodents.


Put bait in locations out of the reach of children, pets, livestock, and non-target wildlife. Tamper-resistant bait stations is essentially required according laws and regulations in many countries and regions. Generally, bait stations must be resistant enough to destruction by dogs and by children. Take care to ensure safety to children and pets by limiting their access to the rodenticide. Clearly label all bait stations with warnings.

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