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Bird Spike as an Effective Method of Bird Deterrent

Feb. 02, 2018


Bird Spike as an Effective Method of Bird Deterrent


Preventing birds from landing on ledges is an important and crucial step in bird deterrence.


Bird spikes offer an effective and humane deterrent for larger bird species and are available in several models. We patented and offer highly durable construction that carries the industry-leading guarantee for all products. The stainless-steel bird spikes are virtually invisible and our plastic bird spikes are available in seven colors. Both options are designed to blend with your building’s color scheme and design while providing a cost-effective and long-term solution to deter nuisance bird infestations and protect your property from damage.


Ideal for use on ledges, roof peaks, I-beams, parapet walls, conduits, signs, flat or curved surfaces

Recommended to deter pigeons, seagulls, or larger birds

Humane, will not harm birds

Easy to install; Can be glued, screwed, or tied down to most surfaces

Variety of sizes available

Will not cut or injure installer

Glue trough on base of bird spike sections allows for fast and easy application

Pre-assembled two-foot sections significantly reduces installation time

Prevents roosting for larger birds like raptors, seagulls, and cormorants

Sun and weather-resistant, even in extreme temperatures

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