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Bait Placement and Bait Stations

Feb. 01, 2018


Bait Placement and Bait Stations

Baits and bait stations are very effective methods against rodents, and there are very restrict regulations regarding their locations for use. Different types and structures of bait stations may be required, depending on the pest control practice and the bait types. For example, tamper-resistant bait stations must be used where children, pets, non-target have possible access to the bait. 

Certain bait stations intended for sale to homeowners can only be used indoors, and outdoor application is strictly. Other baits or bait stations can also be used around the periphery of structures or within certain distance of a structure. Because rats may not move far from their shelter to find food. 

Always remember to place bait boxes next to walls or in other places where rats are active. In all conditions, the user must follow the instructions and directions.


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