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Cats as Pest Controllers?

Feb. 01, 2018


Cats as Pest Controllers?


Cats seem to be a natural predator of rats and mice.

However, some house cats don’t have the ability or inclination to prey on adult Norway rats. Not all cats are hunters. Some are afraid of mice while others just see them as playthings. It really depends on the personality of the cat.


Generally, cats aren’t able to keep rodent numbers below levels that are acceptable to most people. Further, pet food can serve as an attractant and provide a continuous food supply to rats and mice in suburban environments.


Cats often don’t have access to the areas where the mice are nesting like the basement, attic or crawlspace. Mice will quickly learn that they can avoid the cat by traveling through the walls.

Cats can get fleas, ticks and other parasites from catching and eating mice. No one wants their cat to be sick or even a disease carrier. 

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