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Rodent Trapping Tips

Jan. 31, 2018


Rodent Trapping Tips

For rodent control, trapping is always the safest and most effective solution and around homes, garages, and other structures. Snap traps can be used over and over with little abrasion and wear thus requiring least cost but more labor


Snap traps can be baited and set in places where there are infestation. The new snap traps with large plastic treadles are especially effective, but locating traps is often more important than what type of trap is used.


The best places to set traps are in secluded areas where rats prefer to travel and seek shelter. Droppings, gnawing, and damage indicate the presence of rodents, and areas where such evidence is found usually are the best places to set traps, especially when these areas are located between their shelter and food sources. Place traps in natural travel ways, such as along walls, so the rodents will pass directly over the trigger of the trap. 

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