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Fundamental Key of Pest Control - Sanitation

Jan. 29, 2018


Fundamental Key of Pest Control - Sanitation


Good housekeeping or sanitation is a basic factor in rodent control.

Eliminating food, water, and harborage for rats and mice can reduce rodent populations rapidly.


To implement sanitation practices:

• Clean up garbage and rubbish.

• Properly store garbage.

• Properly store food (store raw or prepared foods and refuse indoors in covered, ratproof containers or in ratproof rooms).

• Store pet food and bird seed in rat proof containers.

• Remove harborages (remove piles of rubbish, trash, junk, boxes, and protected enclosures).

• Dry up sources of water.

• Pick fruits and vegetables when ripe so rodents will not feed on them.


Sanitation must be used constantly in rodent control to be effective. Yearly clean-up programs are generally ineffective for rodent control

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