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Diet of Rats

Jan. 27, 2018



Diet of Rats

Rats are one of the most tricky and tough animals for pest controllers. Rats are originated in Asia and Australia but now they can be found everywhere all over the world. Rats differentiate from mice by being larger, with stronger, longer, thinner bodies and long legs.

Rats are generally omnivores, but many of prefer meat when they can get it. House and brown rats usually use humans for their primary food source. They prefer habiting in trash or eat any food that is left unprotected.


Rats have also been known to eat grain or kill insects, water creatures such as snails, fish and mussels, small birds, mammals and reptiles for food. Other rats, such as the Buff-Breasted Rats (Rattus flavipectus), Sulawesi white-tailed rat and Hoffman’s rat, prefer vegetarian fair such as seed and fruits. 

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