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How Do Mice Squeeze into Small Holes?

Jan. 26, 2018


How Do Mice Squeeze into Small Holes?


When you find these furry monsters sneaking along the walls of your house, you might be frightened or disgusted. Yes, these compact demons have more than two hundred ways to make you sick. Here is the question you may probably ask: how did they come inside my house?


You may even check around the inside and outside of your home looking at the perimeter, only to find that everything looks ok. However, looks can be deceiving.


The real fact is that an adult house mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime (dia. 5mm). If there is a gap in your foundation, or a space around your gas pipes that is the size of a nickel, they may definitely infiltrate into your room. If the hole isn’t big enough, mice can use their ever-growing teeth to make it larger.


For pest controllers, make sure all possible penetration points have to be well secured. If there are any tiny gaps, fill them up with metal wire mesh or silicone. 

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