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Toxic Dose Limits of Anticoagulant Rodent Bait

Jan. 24, 2018

Toxic Dose Limits of Anticoagulant Rodent Bait:



rats and mice - a single dose of 50-150mg/kg or a minimum of 1mg/kg/day for 6 days or more. LD50 Norway rat 58mg/kg.

ruminants - 200mg/kg/day for 12 days or more.

dog LD50 - 20-50mg/kg or a minimum of 1-5mg/kg/day for 5-15 days.

cat LD50 - 5-50mg/kg or a minimum of 1-5mg/kg/day for 5-15 days.

pigs LD50 - 1-5mg/kg or a minimum of 0.05-0.4mg/kg/day for 7 days.

rabbit LD50 - 800mg/kgfowl and horses are highly resistant, but can be poisoned by high doses.




rat LD50 - 1.5 mg/kg.

mouse LD50 - 340mg/kg.

rabbit LD50 - 35mg/kg.

dog LD50 - 3-7.5mg/kg.

cat LD50 - 15mg/kg.

pig LD50 - 150mg/kg.



rat LD50 - 0.27mg/kg

mouse LD50 - 0.4mg/kg

rabbit LD50 - 0.29mg/kg

pig LD50 - 0.5-2mg/kg

dog LD50 0.25-3.5mg/kg.

cat LD50 - 25mg/kg

chicken LD50 - 10-100mg/kg



rat LD50 1.25mg/kg

mouse LD50 - 1.75mg/kg

rabbit LD50 - 1mg/kg

dog LD50 - 10mg/kg

cat LD50 - 25mg/kg



rat LD50 - 1.8mg/kg

mouse LD50 - 0.8mg/kg

rabbit LD50 - 2mg/kg

pig LD50 - 80-100mg/kg.

dog LD50 - 50mg/kg

cat LD50 - 100mg/kg

chicken LD50 - 50mg/kg

sheep LD50 - 100mg/kg



rabbit LD50 - 0.7mg/kg

pig LD50 - 60mg/kg.

dog LD50 - 0.075-0.25mg/kg

cat LD50 - >10mg/kg

sheep LD50 - >5mg/kg



rabbit LD50 - 0.75mg/kg

pig LD50 - 2-3mg/kg.

dog LD50 - 5mg/kg

cat LD50 - >16mg/kg


Always remember to use a bait station when you are trying to use rodenticides around children, pets, livestock and poultry. Or consult pest controllers for proficient advises. 

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