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Contrast between Glue Trap Fly Lights and Fly Zapper Lights in Pest Control

Jan. 23, 2018


Contrast between   Glue Trap Fly Lights and Fly Zapper Lights in Pest Control

Contrast Items

Glue Trap Fly Lights

Fly Zapper Light


Insects are trapped   with glue traps, regardless of their sizes. Effects can be acquired instantly   within 3 to 5 days after installation.

Fly Zappers work by electrocuting flies.   The high voltage will be released only when insects contact the grills which   are plugged to positive and negative anodes. The average mosquitos can easily   fly through the grills due to their size. Therefore the effective is limited.  


The trap lights ensnare insects with   light, irresistible attractant and trap boards.

The fly zappers ensnare insects with   light alone, and kill insects with electrocuting devices. The electrocuting will   cause transient electric sparks, as well as violent snaps, which will prove   unsuitable for commercial places especially high-end and quiet places. The   zapping will cause insects to explode sending their disease carrying body   parts everywhere, which will result in secondary pollution for food   industries.


The uplight design   cannot be seen directly with naked eyes, no matter for commercial or home   use, which will prevent the UV light harming humans.

The tubes are   exposed to the outside, and can be seen by naked eyes directly, which could   not meet requirements for occupation and health.


Proficient Philips   tubes, still keep excellent working performance even after 8,000 hrs.

Zappers generally   takes low quality UVA tubes. The price might be low enough, but the tubes   will soon get unstable under the high pressure influence. The tubes will get   useless in a short term, and provide no attracting function any longer.


The streamline   design contributes to the simple, fashion and tasteful appearance.

Stay in the same   old model for decades, even though there are so many manufactures.


It takes less   than one minute to replace a trap board, which is timesaving and worry-free   yes secure.

Before   maintenance, the power has to be cut off. Tools are essential for discharging,   otherwise there is a risk of electric shock. The will take a great deal of time   to clean, which might be as long as half an hour.


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