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How does Brodifacoum and Warfarin Work with Bait Stations?

Jan. 22, 2018

How does Brodifacoum and Warfarin Work with Bait Stations?



Loaded in bait stations, these chemicals will attract rodents to eat them. These chemicals are anticoagulants and cause internal bleeding in mice and rats. They would leave if their nest is outside the building. If the nest is inside, they die inside the building. There is no way to predict where the rat or mouse will die, but often it is in an inaccessible place—inside a wall or in an attic. When that happens, there is an odor for a few days.


Some of these products, such as brodifacoum are second-generation anticoagulants with very low lethal dosage. In other words, they can be dangerous. In addition to this, there have recently been many changes to the rules regarding the use of rodenticides. In this case, a tamper proof bait station is contemporary for pest control

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