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Are your Mouse Snap Traps Humane?

Jan. 16, 2018

Mouse snap traps are familiar to many people. They are low cost, easy to find, and often very effective at catching house mice. But can they be considered as a humane pest control method?

A snap trap, when used properly, kills the mouse instantly with a snap bar that comes down on its neck or spine. The real problem is that they may not be baited or set properly - and when that happens, mice may be able to grab the bait without triggering the trap... or they may be injured and left to suffer, rather than being quickly killed.

It's only when the mouse is killed instantly that the trap could be considered humane, as the animal dies quickly without experiencing enduring pain or panic. That's why it's important to set traps correctly. Carefully follow the instructions that come with the traps. In addition, below are a few tips to help ensure the trap works as intended.


How to Properly Use Snap Traps






Mice are naturally curious and may not need pre-baiting. Rats are an entirely different matter - they are naturally cautious rather than curious, and pre-baiting will likely be needed.




Be sure to wear rubber gloves when disposing of a dead rodent. Try to avoid touching the body. Take the trap outside and hold it over an outdoor garbage bin. Pull back the snap rod and let the body drop right into a plastic bag in the garbage. You can then wash the trap with soap and hot water and re-set it.

There are many brands of these traps, with one of the most popular being the mouse trap. Regardless of what brand you use, be sure to always read and follow the directions.

Also be sure to keep these traps securely out of the reach of children and pets. You may need to disable and remove them during the day if children and pets are in the area. The trap can also be covered with a large box (make sure there's enough space above the trap to allow it to snap) with holes cut into either end. The holes must be large enough for the rodent to enter freely. The trap needs to be placed far enough into the box so that a curious child's arm or an inquisitive paw cannot reach the trap.

Even though many people would prefer not to have to kill mice at all, there are many challenges to humane rodent pest control. Figuring out how to get rid of house mice can be a challenge, particularly if the infestation is serious. If it comes down to it, mouse snap traps are significantly more humane than some methods, especially the well-known sticky glue mouse traps.


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