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Official: Pests Put Off House Buyers

Dec. 20, 2017

A survey has revealed that evidence of pests is a huge factor in putting people off buying a new property.

New report shows that over 40% of potential buyers would be put off submitting an offer if they saw mouse traps or signs of mouse droppings on their property viewing.

Nearly a quarter would make a substantially lower offer as a result, while 15% of the sample of 1,000 house buyers surveyed said they would lower their offer ‘by a few hundred pounds’. Only 3% would have no reservations.

The survey asked to what extent a long list of possible problems would influence an offer on a property.

Factors included poor mobile phone signals, embarrassing street names, overgrown gardens, bad taste in décor, and even if the previous owner had died in the residence.

Noise from airplanes was a huge no-no, but not as big as ‘noisy neighbours’ who would cause 70% of potential buyers to lose interest or pull out of a sale. However, second in the off-putting table was ‘signs of pests’; a turn-off for 44% of house buyers.

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