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How to Get Rid of Birds

Dec. 08, 2017



The bird that woke you up early that one early Saturday morning is probably one of three most common birds: the Raven, Pigeons, and Woodpeckers. Usually, when someone thinks of a bird, they think of chirping and bird droppings. What may seem quite harmless is actually the opposite. Those three birds and their droppings can be potentially fatal. Their droppings can create unsanitary conditions and can be the cause of over fifty transmissible diseases. A few of these diseases are Avian Tuberculosis, Pasteurellosis commonly known as Shipping Fever, Salmonellosis (food poisoning, gastroenteritis, paratyphoid, typhoid), Chargas disease, and Listeriosis commonly known as Circling disease. Birds can be destructive in many ways. They, at often times, destroy property, rooftops, floors, walls, vehicles, and other things. The damage caused by their droppings will often cause irreversible damage and may, at times, be very costly.

Remember, if there is a ledge, then there is a possibility for a bird to create a nest in that area.

There are two ways to get rid of birds. You can either use repellent, or use spikes. Repellant does not gave a “killing” affect, so it won’t kill any birds – it will only repel them from unwanted areas. Chemial is used in a humane way to repel not only birds, but bats and squirrels as well. The active ingredient in this repellent is Naphthalene and it gives off a strong scent which will cause dizziness and nausea which isn’t enjoyable, thus, repelling the animals.

The spike method is also commonly used. Plastic Bird Spikes are commonly used. These are clear spikes that are usually installed on the lining of roofs and gutters to eliminate bird perching. These spikes help with preventing damage done to a home’s roofing and siding. When you prevent birds from coming near your home, you are also minimizing the bacteria and disease their droppings the birds contain, thus, reducing the risk of infection.

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