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Bird FAQs

Dec. 04, 2017

Question: Birds often fly into our window. What can I do?
Answer: You need to cover the window from the outside so they don’t see their reflection and won’t crash into your window. Netting or a sheet placed outside is best.

Question: I have a lot of pigeon droppings around. Can I clean them up myself?
Answer: It is not recommended. Pigeon dung can carry many diseases that can be harmful. You should call a professional that has all the correct safety equipment. Arrow Exterminating specializes in bird dung removal. Contact us anytime or email our Bird Department for further information.

Question: I don’t want to kill the birds, just get rid of them. Can it be done without killing them?
Answer: By knowing the natural instinct of the bird you want to control you can effectively interface their basic biological needs and use mechanical devices to rid them from the area. We’re experts in getting rid of birds without killing them.

Question: I thought birds were protected by federal law?
Answer: You’re right, most birds are protected. But here in New York, pigeons, starlings and house sparrows are not. The main reasons are that they transmit diseases, contaminate food in or near food and grain handling facilities, carry ectoparasites (lice, mites, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, etc.) and abandon nests which can harbor insects.

Question: Can I use an ultra sound machine to get rid of birds?
Answer: Perdue University has studied these units and has found them not to be effective.

Question: Can birds be trapped to eliminate the problem?
Answer: Yes, they can be trapped, but it can be time consuming and costly since the traps need to be checked every 24 hours.

Question: What other methods of bird control are there?
Answer: There are many mechanical and chemical ways to control bird problems (including spikes, netting, pin & wire, sticky materials, and flock alarming chemicals), but each case needs to be dealt with individually.

Question: I have woodpeckers making holes in my home. What can I do?
Answer: They do this to eat insects or to attract mates. We can investigate the problem for you and eliminate the woodpecker problem as well as any insects that may be attracting them.

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