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An Effective Product to Get Rid of Bird Spike

Sep. 15, 2017

An Effective Product to Get Rid of Bird Spike

Bird control can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have the right products. But now, all you have to do is get effective products like bird spike strips or onslaught and Dr. T's Bat Away Repellent to get rid of birds roosting, landing or nesting in unfavorable areas.

One of the most popular and effective products is onslaught insecticide, which is a broad label product that’s fast acting and long lasting. Covering almost every aspect of pest control, the product comes with micro-encapsulation technology and residual efficiencies that can help in faster knockdown of pests and bird control as well. In fact, the product is an alternative, effective insecticide for those who don't wish to use bird spikes.


Bird spikes are physical barriers and one of the most popular bird control devices. They discourage birds from landing and nesting in a particular area. But sometimes, they aren’t fully effective and may not preventing perching. That’s where onslaught and other similar insecticides can help. Onslaught in particular can be applied to general surfaces, cracks, crevices and spot application to get rid of nests and prevent further perching, nesting or landing. The product has been designed with Benzene-acetate, which can be used for pet areas, beddings, rugs, mattresses and cushions as well. It can also be used for exterior walls, foundations and structures to prevent birds from entering building.

We offer a variety of bird control products, including spikes. Visit our website for details.

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