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Summer Season Pest Control

Jun. 30, 2018


 Summer Season Pest Control

Come we to the summer, to the summer we will come.

The arrival of summer time has brought vigor. However, the nuisance flies have also breached into our lives. The most commonly seen flies are house flies, blow flies and fruit flies. They can carry various virus and bacteria with them, the result might be diseases.


Fly control

Some of insecticides aren't effective because flies breed so quickly; the eggs hatch shortly after you kill the existing adults. Instead, try glue traps lights to catch the adult flies. Placing them near windows or light sources works best. Fly swatters also are effective, but disinfect the area where you smashed the fly to ensure no nasty bacteria is left behind. Screening all windows and closing exterior doors quickly can help keep flies out. The flies will disappear when cold weather hits, but house flies might leave eggs to overwinter and invade your house next summer.

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