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Fly Management in Summer

Jun. 29, 2018


Fly Management in Summer

Now it’s summer time for most parts of the Northern Hemisphere. And flies seem to be coming out again overnight. These nuisance pests bring high risks to men and stock raising.

Flies can cause some nasty diseases such as typhoid, salmonella, dysentery and cholera.


So if your house is troubled by flies, it’s necessary to get rid of them asap to avoid further damages.


Before the fly management, the crucial part is the pest identification. For this season, the most common flies are fruit flies, blow flies, house flies, flesh flies, and sand flies.


Here are some necessary tips for fly control:


Cover waste, so that the flies can’t get access to the septic.

Use fly screens on doors and windows, then the flies cannot find their way inside.

Don’t leave water or food outside.

Always keep home clean.


If the infestation is beyond control, call a professional pest control company to handle everything.

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