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Girder Clips
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  • Girder Clips
  • Girder Clips
  • Girder Clips
Girder ClipsGirder ClipsGirder ClipsGirder Clips

Girder Clips


    Item No:NF1501  Description:Gal 2-3mm

    Item No:NF1502  Description:Gal 3-8mm

    Item No:NF1503  Description:Gal 8-14mm

    Item No:NF1504  Description:Gal 14-20mm

    Item No:NF1505  Description:SS 3-8mm

    Item No:NF1506  Description:SS 8-14mm

    Item No:NF1507  Description:SS 14-20mm

This strong “hammer-on”girder clip allows you to attach cable to hard-to-drill steel beams.Hammer the dirger clips into the edge of an l-beam with the cable running through the jaws and the cable is secure.

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