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    Technical Specifications:


    * Simple Set for Pest Control.

    GSM 4G Modem, SIM card Auto-Match.

    Built-in 2.0TFT color screen

    Trigger Speed: 0.4 second

    Lens Model: 100° lens

    Photos Resolution: 4032x3024/3264x2448/2560x1920 MegaPixels; 5 Mega Pixels Color CMOS sensor.

    Photo Transmission: in 5M/8M/12MP original size, 1920x1440(around 350kb) or smaller, with GPS info, date, time, temperature, moon phase and battery shown on the photos.


    * Multi-shot up to 5 photos, 3 photos burst within 1 second.

    Black light LED - 57 invisible IR LEDs in total, about 20M/65FT real night vision.

    Multi Functions: Programmable PIR Sensitivity, Dual Timer, Daily Report, App Remote Control, Hybrid Activated (Time Lapse+ Motion Detection), day and night time operation, TV out, Audio Recording, etc.

    Videos: HD-1080P, recording video up to 10 seconds,

    Video Transmission: up to 10 seconds video transmission; Operation Temperature: -25°C to 60°C;


    * Weight: around 367g (without batteries)

    Estimated Dimensions: 150x120x80mm
    Waterproof: IP66
    SD Card: up to 32GB (not included)

    Battery: 12AA (not included)

    Included Accessories: antenna, strap,USB cable, English Manual

    Warranty: 1 year


PEST-EYEwhich is to monitor rats, mice, and wildlife animals for the pest control professionals.The pictures and videos will show rodents or wildlife animals caught on camera. The users can see where they come from and where they went. The rodents frequently follow the same runway, that will help the pest controllers know exactly where to place the rodent traps or bait stations.


Seeing is Believing!


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