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Bell Detex Soft Bait
  • Bell Detex Soft Bait
  • Bell Detex Soft Bait
Bell Detex Soft BaitBell Detex Soft Bait

Bell Detex Soft Bait



    · Essential part of IPM program in an environment where rodents are accustomed to fatty diets

    · Highly palatable bait works well as a pre-bait option

    - Use in conjunction with Detex® Blox with Lumitrack® to trial rodent preferences

    · Made with Lumitrack®

    - Causes rodent droppings to glow under UV light to help identify and track rodents faster and easier

    - Aids in finding entry points, pathways, and harborage areas

    - Helps PMPs place rodenticides and traps more effectively

    · Developed for sustained palatability

    · Extruded hole in center of bait for easy and consistent placement

    · Weatherable

    - Mold and moisture resistant

    - High heat resistance

    - Not affected by freezing temperatures

    · Ideal for sensitive accounts



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