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 Glue Board Fly Killer FGS2BA
  •  Glue Board Fly Killer FGS2BA
 Glue Board Fly Killer FGS2BA

Glue Board Fly Killer FGS2BA


    Fly Shield Solo FGS2BA 

    The Solo and NEW Solo Plus have been specifically designed for discreet, stylish and effective insect control and is ideally suited not only for domestic use, but also for restaurants, reception areas, coffee shops, sandwich bars, to name but a few

    The Solo may be wall mounted or free standing whereas the Solo Plus with its 2 glue boards is a free standing unit. 

    The main body is made from corrosion resistant, anodised aluminium, which not only means it is simple to clean but also makes it light and easily portable, if so desired.

    By combining its powerful 20w, energy saving Ultra Violet lamp with its large unobstructed glue board(s), our Insect-a-clear designers have come up with a truly effective unit. 

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Coverage approx.sq.m


Lamp code

Glue Board

Size in cm W x H x D


Fly Shield Solo with standard lamp


1 x 20w



23 x 31 x 12.5


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