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Bird Spike 5003W5-33
  • Bird Spike 5003W5-33
  • Bird Spike 5003W5-33
Bird Spike 5003W5-33Bird Spike 5003W5-33

Bird Spike 5003W5-33


    Item: 5003W5-33

    Material:Bayer PC based and SS304 rods

    Weight: 68.5g

    Spike rod quantity:5x8pcs

    Bird spike length:33cm (13inch)

    Spike rod diameter:1.3mm

    Bird spike width:17+/-0.5cm (6.5-6.9inch)

    Base width:5cm  (1.97inch)

    Bird spike height:11cm (4.3inch)

    Base Length:33cm  (13inch)


    Five Prong Bird Spikes

Where to Use    Anywhere the birds are active like edges & ledges, windowsills,rooftops, parapets,                             cornices,beams,girders,lights,towers, masts, aerials;HVAC installations;Porches, awnings,                     doors & entryways.


Target Insects    All kinds of birds like Pigeons,Seagulls,etc


Control Method    Bird control spikes create a physical barrier. They physically prevent pest birds from                         landing, perching or roosting wherever they are used.


Material          Made of SS304/316 steel and PC


Installation      Install the bird spikes according to the instruction

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Q1: What's the warranty for the bird spikes  ?

A1:  Our bird spikes enjoys a 7 years warranty.If any quality problems occure  in this period ,we will bear the shipping cost and arrange the goods replacement.


Q2: Can your LOGO be made on your products (OEM) ?

A2: Yes ,all kinds of LOGO designs can be customized like the stickers, color boxes,blister card,etc. 


Q3: Is the sample order  accepted?

A3:Yes ,we can send samples to you ,which  can help you  check our products quality .


Q4:: Is the  "Certificate of Original" available to reduce the customs tax?


A4: All kinds of CO like the FORM A, FORM E, FTA,etc can be made for you, which can help you reduce the  import duties of your country well.

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